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Point of Sale (POS) refers to the capturing of data and customer payment information at a physical location when goods or services are bought and sold.  BlueStar is the leader in Point of Sale solutions. Whether it's Retail or Hospitality, we have assembled various "In-a-Box" solutions to help simplify the ordering and configuration process. Our POS "In-a-Box" Solutions will help your business save time and money, while driving revenue. 

Whether you serve your guests in a retail environment, full service restaurant, by the pool or in a stadium seat, BlueStar's "In-a-Box" series is having a huge impact on the way our Point of Sale resellers go to market with their solutions.  By developing strategic partnerships with best-of-breed ISVs and world class hardware manufacturers, BlueStar's "In-a-Box" Series provides a jump start for those who provide or wish to provide solutions for Point of Sale. These "In-a-Box" Solution bundles consist specifically of selected hardware that is best suited for the targeted solution, including peripherals that complete the solutions offering. Solutions consist of POS Systems and peripherals, Software, Self-Checkout, Headquarters and Hosting Applications, Back Office Applications, Electronic Shelf Labels, Mobile/Wireless Systems, Digital Signage, and much more.

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