Manufacturers are under pressure to implement lean principles while adding just-in-sequence capabilities. This requires that companies know the source of materials, where goods are at any point along the supply chain, and that they can deploy those materials in real-time to keep the line rolling. Companies need parts marking to track work-in-process and provide lifetime traceability, real-time data capture integrated into MES, WMS, ERP or other management systems, or fully-automated, hands-free data collection are turning to mobile computing, barcodes, and RFID to help automate and provide better efficiency to their business process flows. Applications like work in progress, quality assurance, part management, kanban, are among the most common areas manufacturers target to provide increased productivity and efficiency to their organizations. 

By developing strategic partnerships with best-of-breed ISVs and world class hardware manufacturers, BlueStar's "In-a-Box" Series provides a jump start for those who provide or wish to provide solutions for Manufacturing. These "In-a-Box" Solution bundles consist specifically of selected hardware that is best suited for the targeted solution, including peripherals that complete the solutions offering. Solutions are available for these segments:

Asset Management

Improve Utililization Rates and Efficiencies with Asset Management Solutions

Within the manufacturing sector, Asset Management Solutions can be applied to asset maintenance, asset tracking, plant maintenance and tool tracking applications for improved utililization rates and efficiencies.

Asset/Plant Maintenance 

Using a rugged mobile computer connected to your computer-managed maintenance system (CMMS) can help reduce asset downtime and improve technician productivity. Manage work orders, access inventory for spares or parts in real-time as well as ensure the proper and timely scheduling and maintenance for your assets. Increase asset and labor utilization while capturing critical data for reporting requirements. 

Asset/Tool Tracking 

Track assets and tools more efficiently leveraging bar code or RFID technology to reduce costs and increase productivity. Capture information about your assets and tools regardless of where they move and when they move. Check-in and check-out processes are automated when your workers are armed with a mobile computer , bar code scanner or an RFID reader and best of all - you have an accurate record of your inventory so you can ensure your tools and assets are available when and where you need them. 

Key Benefits that can be achieved from a Mobile Asset Management Solution include: Increased asset utilization and uptime, higher technician productivity, Reduced tools/spares inventory and associated costs, and ensures proper tax treatment for assets.

Shop Floor Solutions

Streamline Your Process with Shop Floor Solutions

Mobile Human-Machine Interface 

HMI systems have always provided a window into key process and machine operation, but today, a Mobile HMI solution allows you to put vital system information in the hands of operators, supervisors and technicians. Your work force is no longer tied to stationary systems and can interface with your automation system, entering and accessing data right at the point of activity, increasing productivity and your ability to react to changing conditions in your plant anywhere, anytime. 

Work in Process Tracking 

Tracking materials from receipt through production or assembly processes, and ultimately to finished goods, requires a tremendous amount of labor and paperwork. Yet, knowing where in-process materials and orders are is critical to plant efficiency. Using mobile computers or advanced data collection devices, manufacturers can more accurately track the flow of materials through the plant in real-time. Materials and orders are more easily located and your workers can focus on their assigned tasks rather than on searching for missing or misplaced orders. 

Labor Tracking 

Without a practical way to track labor hours per task, many manufacturers rely on standard cost estimates or manual tracking processes that can mask true profitability or even have a negative impact on labor productivity. A mobile labor management system allows you to capture and track "true" labor costs at the point of activity, enabling more accurate and competitive pricing as well as a better labor utilization. 

Key Benefits include: Reduce line-side inventory with replenishment based on up-to-the minute data, Identify and validate parts used and ensure the correct sequencing and completion of manufacturing steps, Achieve total inventory visibility and synchronized manufacturing processes and allow material handlers to find and deliver required parts more quickly.

Quality Management

Ensure Quality Across the Supply Chain

Error Proofing 

Utilize mobile technology and data collection systems to validate that all operations and paperwork have been completed to specification. Operators scan pre- and post-operation or process. Any overlooked process, assembly or procedural step can be easily identified and corrected before impacting productivity or requiring costly re-work. 


Paper-based inspection processes, including forms, can be unproductive and error prone. Empowering your quality engineers and inspectors with a mobile computer can transform these manual processes and reduce associated errors. That means they can more efficiently inspect and validate work - and information is available in real-time, creating visibility across operations. 


Isolating materials and product that are out of specification or tolerance is a critical, yet time consuming, aspect of any quality program. Mobile computers and data collection systems enable rapid recognition and disposition of quarantined materials. And when this information is available in real-time, it can help prevent unauthorized or inadvertent use of out of specification materials - protecting your company from the financial and brand impact associated with a product recall. 

Batch Traceability 

Mobile data collection technology, in conjunction with application software, enables efficient and error-proof tracking of batches of raw material through the capture of accurate batch serial numbers. This electronic record provides batch 'visibility' into all products, enabling rapid response to product quality issues. The same is true for discreet manufacturers leveraging a mobile track and trace solution to create an electronic product 'geneaology' that contains serial numbers for all parts of an assembly enabling quick efficient and quiet recalls if required. 

Key Benefits include: Automatically document and validate parts or ingredients incorporated throughout the production or assembly process, Cost efficiently demonstrate compliance in the event of a product recall, with precise information easily accessible, Save time and improve performance with the ability to scan statistical process-control information and fill out reports electronically and Extend quality processes to critical suppliers to improve overall quality and visibility.

Boxed Solutions