Healthcare providers are squeezed by Medicare and insurance companies to hold down costs, while consumers and doctors want more services and flexibility. Considering the liabilities that healthcare providers have to guard against, the necessity for extreme accuracy and efficiency is clear. Automated identification products such as barcode and barcode readers, mobile computers , wireless networks , and RFID can aid in the efficiency and accuracy for all healthcare providers. These products can help healthcare professionals collect and track patient information, reduce medical errors, improve staff productivity and reduce costs. Bundled solutions that target Healthcare market applications like asset tracking, patient medication verification, and home care, provide real solutions for real problems. 

By developing strategic partnerships with best-of-breed ISVs and world class hardware manufacturers, BlueStar's "In-a-Box" Series provides a jump start for those who provide or wish to provide solutions for Healthcare. These "In-a-Box" Solution bundles consist specifically of selected hardware that is best suited for the targeted solution, including peripherals that complete the solutions offering. Solutions are available for these segments:

  • Nurse In-a-Box
  • Physician In-a-Box

Boxed Solutions