Working with Federal, State, or local governments can be trying and requires a focused business approach as well as an understanding of how business is done with working with those entities. Often budgets dictate how governments spend money for implementing technologies, but there are real opportunities in the government market place. Implementing technologies into these markets can help improve efficiency which will save time and money. The opportunities are available in many areas including law enforcement, fire departments, utilities, maintenance, first responders, just to mention a few. Grant money is also available in many cases to help fund some of these opportunities. 

BlueStar's mission is simple: Empower our government resellers to win more business by providing them world class services and solutions to sell to their customers. By developing strategic partnerships with best-of-breed ISVs adn world class hardware manufacturers, BlueStar's "In-a-Box" Series provides a jump start for those who provide or wish to provide solutions for Government. These "In-a-Box" Solution bundles consist specifically of selected hardware that is best suited for the targeted solution, including peripherals that complete the solutions offering. BlueStar's solutions are built to provide government customers with targeted applications to make their job easier and more efficient. Solutions are available for many vertical markets such as:


  • Cop In-a-Box
  • Firefighter In-a-Box
  • Port Authority In-a-Box
  • Inspector In-a-Box

Boxed Solutions