Supply Manager

Hospital Supply Room Replenishment

Hospital Supply Room Replenishment

In the box:

  • CK3 Mobile Computer (battery included)
  • IP30 Mobile RFID Reader
  • CK3 Charge Cradle
  • Pre-Made RFID LABELS
  • smartEIT Express Software


Comprehensive Solutions for Hospital Supply Room Replenishment

Supply Manager In-a-Box | Medical Supply Replenishment was created to assist hospitals in improving their re-ordering process. With this solution, which partners Smart Label Solutions' smartEIT Express application with Intermec's CK3, users can import part number data for each supply room location and then use a mobile RFID reader to link pre-encoded RFID Labels to each bin; thus capturing the replenishment order detail with the click of a button. Benefits of this solution include: 

  • Fast and accurate data collection
  • Batch data collection eliminating wireless infrastructure worries and allowing for "off site" collection
  • Automatic excel spreadsheet creation
  • Industry standard and user friendly software with easy set up

Leveraging RFID technology, empty bin data can be collected in as little as ten seconds saving hospitals both time and money.


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