Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

In the box:

  • RFS4000 Integrated Services Controller
  • AP650 Dual Radio, Internal antenna
  • US Line Cord

Comprehensive Solutions for Wireless Networking

Physician In-a-Box | Wireless Kit is ideal for small medical offices to launch a secure wireless network. Including a controller and two access points, this cost-effective solution provides any health practice with high performance, comprehensive and secure wireless and wired networking services. No matter the networking needs, healthcare offices will be able to:

  • Improve security and patient throughput with real-time monitoring solutions including video surveillance and video conferencing over a private, secure wireless network
  • Eliminate monthly phone charges with voice-over WLAN (VoLAN) communications over the private wireless network
  • Create a closed-loop, seamless electronic office for EMR, patient registration and education, patient throughput /tracking, billing, inventory management and sampling with this solid WLAN infrastructure as the foundation

This innovative wireless kit, designed specifically for the clinical environment, will set the infrastructure needed to securely and efficiently run a wireless medical office.


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