Delivery Person

Warehouse and Delivery

In the box:

  • Nomad Rugged Handheld
  • 3rd Rail Logistics Software
  • Configuration, Training and Support




Comprehensive Solutions for Warehouse and Delivery

Delivery Person In-a-Box | Warehouse Management, provides an efficient and flexible solution designed to track warehouse inventory*, plan practical delivery routes and optimize inventory levels, interfacing directly to QuickBooksTM. Users of this solution can: 


  • Track real-time Inventory levels
  • Forecast product orders based on true sales history
  • Optimize deliveries by location with Geo-Routing
  • Send delivery receipts immediately via email
  • Delivery Person- In-a-Box I Warehouse Management incorporates the Trimble Nomad Rugged Handheld Device, powered by 3rd Rail Logistics software to simplify and automate the warehouse and delivery process.




*TelogisTM software is optional. Available through 3rd Rail Logistics. 


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