Information Technology Management

Information Technology Management

In the box:

  • ET1 Enterprise Tablet
  • ET1 Cradle
  • RedBeam Asset Tracking Software
  • ET1 Expansion Scan Module


Comprehensive Solutions for Information Technology Management

Chief Information Officer In-a-Box | Information Technology Management allows Chief Information Officers to manage Information Technology investments, including laptops, desktops, servers and much more. Using a Zebra ET1 and RedBeam Software, personnel can easily capture important information about each asset and ensure the security of company property. Whether assets are located at company headquarters or used in the field, this solution enables CIOs to track every system detail simply and efficiently.

  • Improve efficiency by controlling location of assets
  • Increase productivity by empowering IT administration to easily track and manage assets and their changes
  • Prevent software redundancies by knowing what you have and what you use
  • Track maintenance and other changes to equipment for Life Cycle Management

Utilize Chief Information Officer In-a-Box | Information Technology Management to easily audit your entire infrastructure and deploy proper hardware asset management processes.

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