FAQ’s for BlueStar Hybrid SaaS Solutions


Is it just hardware that is included in the program?

No, the reseller is allowed to include other elements as well. This would include items such as software, support, additional warranties, installation services, training, etc.


How does a VAR join this program?


How does the reseller make money selling this solution?

  • The reseller can expect to make up to 20%-30% margin on the sale of these hybrid SaaS  solutions
  • Reseller receives FULL payment within 10 days after Letter of Acceptance is received from End-User 


How does the subscription model different from a traditional lease?

  • This is a subscription-based model
  • The customer does not have the option to buy the product at the end of the subscription term
  • The end user will never own the product - they are essentially renting the solution
  • They are paying a monthly fee to have hardware, software and support included for the life of the product which in a subscription is typically 3 years


What happens at the end of the subscription?

  • Product will need to be returned to the financial company and reseller has opportunity for a complete solution refresh
  • End users can continue month to month payment to HPFS until equipment is returned. The month to month payment will be reduced at the end of the subscription and does not cover service renewals /warranties; customer would have to seek service separately from the month to month payment.


What solutions are included in the Hybrid SaaS Program?

  • Essentially, most solution bundles purchased through BlueStar are eligible. For a true Hybrid SaaS model on a POS Solution, 50% of the hardware is required to be HP product.
  • All solutions where the products included do not compete with HP retail products are eligible for Hybrid SaaS.

If a POS solution doesn't include 50% HP hardware, contact the Hybrid SaaS team to learn more about other financing options.


Is this program available in all regions?

  • Currently it is available in the U.S. and Canada


Can resellers get quotes for estimated monthly payments? 


How long does it take to get financing through Hybrid SaaS?

  • Quick Quotes are available in as quickly as 20 to 30 minutes
  • Typical turn-around time for an applicant  24-48 hours 


Can any business qualify for Hybrid SaaS?

  • Any business applying for credit via Hybrid SaaS is subject to credit approval through the lender
  • If the business has been in existence for less than 3 years, additional information and a down payment will be required for credit approval.
  • New businesses with no records require a down payment of 10% - 20%


How does the reseller get paid once financing is approved?

  • Lender will provide a payment to BlueStar for the cost of the equipment and to the reseller for their portion once the approval process is complete 
  1. Approval from financing company
  2. Customer signs document
  3. Financing company issues approval to reseller to release the equipment to the customer
  4. Reseller delivers and invoices financing company for the entire transaction (they will sign the AOP as well)
  5. Financing company confirms receipt of equipment with customer
  6. Financing Company pays Blue Star and Reseller


Who will support the end user?

  • Reseller has the option to provide any existing support beyond first level
  • Otherwise, the first line support will be done by the ISV, if the ISV's support plan is purchased.


How do resellers get financing through the financing company?

  • Contact BlueStar, or visit their website






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