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In order to better serve our customers, BlueStar provides consulting support to help find and secure public funding for state, municipal, and private entities. Our partnerships have been involved with awards nearing $10 million since they've begun. We have a proven track record of assisting agencies find and secure funding. Below are just a few of the capabilities facilitated by these partnerships that will be provided FREE of Charge to our partners and their customers:

Grant Search - We constantly monitor public and private grant databases for new and upcoming grant opportunities. We actively search for funding opportunities that support our reseller's products.

Grant Consultation - If a reseller uncovers a grant and need to determine if it is applicable to their product, we will review the grant, evaluate the product, and discuss whether in meets the terms of the solicitation. If so, we can collaborate with both the reseller (and if applicable, the grantee agency) to develop an application strategy. Further, if the grant requires a product evaluation, we can conduct the study and build the cost into the application. If the product area falls outside of our expertise, we will assist in locating a research entity capable of performing the study.

Grant Assistance - The hardest part in securing public funds is applying to the solicitation. Oftentimes, just one or two small deviations from the prescribed content or formatting will find an application rejected outright. We will use our collective expertise to assist the development of a concise, effective application with the agency requiring the grant.

Grants 101: Selling to State and Local agencies and Winning Grant Dollars

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