Credit Terms

NOTE: The terms below are the current billing options for BlueStar customers. BlueStar reserves the right to adjust or change these terms without any prior notice. 

Net 30 Days: Payment due within 30 days of invoice date. 

Prepaid-Credit Card: We accept AMEX, Discover, VISA & MasterCard.

Prepaid-Debit Card: We accept VISA & MasterCard, but will require a manual process to charge the Debit Card. Salespeople will need to add a line for freight before submitting the order to the Finance Department to charge the Debit Card. 

Prepaid-Wire Transfer: Reseller arranges to wire transfer to BlueStar‘s bank (JP Morgan Chase).  Information available from a BlueStar Sales Manager. For U.S. customers the funds are normally transferred the same day.

Prepaid-ACH: Reseller arranges to wire transfer to BlueStar’s bank (JP Morgan Chase).  Information available from a BlueStar Sales Manager.  For U.S. VARs the funds are normally available the next business day.  Bank fees for an ACH are normally much less than the fees for a Wire Transfer.

Lease Arrangements: BlueStar will provide referrals to our VARs for their End Users who would like to apply for a lease.

Assignment of Proceeds: End User issues PO to VAR in VAR‘s company name with a "Remit To“ address that is BlueStar‘s PO Box address.  VAR is required to sign Assignment of Proceeds agreement. VAR is required to provide details showing the proper “Remit To” address.

Joint Purchase Order: End User submits PO to BlueStar/VAR name and BlueStar address. The “Remit To" address will be to BlueStar‘s PO Box address. BlueStar Finance team will "verity" the arrangements with the End User.  End User will be aware the BlueStar is involved.

Escrow Account Agreement: "Named" bank initiates Three (3) Party Agreement between BlueStar, VAR and Bank. End User will submit payment to the bank. Upon receipt of payment, Bank disperses funds to VAR and BlueStar. 

Letter of Credit: VAR and "Named" bank provide to BlueStar, a Bank Guarantee, that upon all conditions of a VAR transaction being met, the invoice(s) are guaranteed to be paid to BlueStar.

Jason R. Firment

Director of Point of Sale
Phone: 800-354-9776 ext. 4230