1 Sep 2015

Zebra Virtual Printware Takes The Burden Off IT

Fieldprint, a leading provider of fingerprinting and related services, turned to Zebra's ZXP Series 7 card printer and Virtual PrintWare software to meet the needs of their clients nation wide.

More than 100 years ago, scientists noticed that no two people have the exact same fingerprints.  Today, fingerprints are used widely for personal identification.  Many industries are required by law to perform fingerprint-based background checks, including banking, insurance, securities, healthcare and teaching.

Hundreds of organizations turn to Fieldprint to assist with collecting prints from their current and prospective employees.  With 1,000 locations across the United States and Puerto Rico, Fieldprint is a leading provider of fingerprinting and related services.



Fieldprint offers complete electronic outsourcing of the fingerprinting process from collection through transmission to states and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

When organizations engage Fieldprint, it’s a simple process for them and their employees. To add convenience for clients and a revenue stream for the company, Fieldprint recently added employee photos and badging to its services.

But when Fieldprint began offering badging services, the company had to write code to create badges for each client – a cumbersome process that consumed expensive IT resources.

“It took a couple of days of coding to create a new badge design, which wasn’t a good business model,” said Kevin Focht, Fieldprint's Software Engineer.  “Profitability was the biggest concern with the IT resources it was requiring. We needed a simple, easy process to ramp up each new client with badging.”


Download the PDF to see how Fieldprint used Zebra's ZXP 7 card printer and Virtual PrintWare software to overcome this challenge.


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