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LG's OLED Wallpaper Signage is surprisingly slim, light and space saving. Providing an extraordinary customer experience is second nature to OLED Wallpaper, upgrading virtually any space. It also can be used as a video wall when easily attached to a wall with a magnetic mat.


LG Electronics is transforming today’s digital signage landscape, delivering new innovations to the marketplace, designed to make the digital signage experience a simple and effective solution that drives business and increases clients’ bottom line.

With LG’s expansive digital signage portfolio, businesses across various industries such as retail, restaurants, hotels, airports, schools, arenas and more, now have a variety of offerings that will greatly enhance the end-user experience. Key innovations include in-demand 4K resolution for superior picture quality as well as seamless connectivity that can easily be customized across each business. LG’s In Plane Switching (IPS) technology produces accurate and consistent colors from any viewing angle.

Furthermore, LG implements key features to protect displays such as IP5X certification and conformal coating, which improve reliability and reduce the need for further customer investment.

LG’s innovative technology, created with the end-user in mind, makes digital signage a vital business solution and smart investment.

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