HP OEM Program

Increase your competitive advantage today! Partner with a globally recognized partner to stay relevant in the channel and expand your market reach.

The Value of HP’s OEM PROGRAM

1. Gain Competitive Advantage:

  • Long product lifecycles
  • Stable and consistent platforms
  • OEM Service provider program
  • Customization abilities

2. HP has six decades of experience as an OEM supplier

  • Broad portfolio of industry leading products
  • HP Engineering that provides resources for faster development and support
  • Access to over 73,000 service professionals to assist with global customer support

3. The world's most competitive product portfolio-- Point of Sale systems, Workstations, Desktops, Tablets, and Services

 What it takes to become an HP OEM Partner?

  • A fully integrated solution
  • Provide a unique "Value Add"
  • You have complete sales and marketing capabilities to sell your solution
  • Ability to provide post-sale solution support

**If you're interested in becoming an HP OEM Partner, please review the basic Terms & Conditions.**

HP OEM Program Overview

Basic HP OEM Partner Program Terms and Conditions

  1. HP OEM Partners must offer some sort of proprietary Intellectual Property
    1. At a minimum, the HP OEM Partner's hardware or software solution can be integrated or bundled with an HP product, and sold as their own.
  2. When selling HP Products, in reality the solution is the HP OEM Partner's product that is built on or around HP product
  3. HP hardware must be sold as part of the solution, not priced separately
  4. HP OEM Partner's must take "first call" for any and all post-sales support issues that include a piece of HP hardware. If the HP OEM Partner determines that it is an HP hardware problem, then and only then, can the customer or HP OEM Partner contact HP for post-sales support.

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