Help Your Customers Secure Their Data and Infrastructure, Including Their Thermal Printers

Security risks are real, and attacks are getting increasingly sophisticated. Endpoints are becoming popular targets—including networked thermal printers. Securing an entire network—including all endpoints—is critical to ensuring complete protection of your customer’s digital assets and infrastructure. Defend against security breaches with Zebra’s Print DNA ecosystem, powered by Link-OS, featuring PrintSecure. Together, they give your customer the tools to easily configure their printers to use secure connections, block unauthorized access and control their data exchanges. 

Uncover vulnerabilities with Zebra’s Security Assessment Wizard app. Compare printer settings against security best practices, and make changes based on your customer’s conditions to increase protection.  And, prevent accidental or unwanted printer-setting changes with Protected Mode.  

Proactively safeguard printers with Zebra’s Automated Wi-Fi Certificate Management.  Relieve the burden of manual processes, eliminate potential human errors and reduce endpoint risk. Ensure your customer’s printers each have their own unique certificate, and that they automatically update when each certificate expires.



Securing all endpoints—including networked thermal printers—is critical to ensuring that an organization's digital assets and infrastructure are protected. Help your customers defend against potential security breaches with Zebra's Print DNA ecosystem, powered by Link-OS, featuring PrintSecure. Together, they deliver the tools to easily configure printers to use secure connections, block unauthorized access and control data exchanges:

  • Automated Wi-Fi Cert Management via Printer Profile Manager Enterprise v3.1
    - Ensures that printers each have their own unique certificate, and that those certificates are automatically updated before they expire.
  • Security Assessment Wizard Application via Printer Setup Utility v2.1
    - Compares printer settings against security best practices and makes changes based on conditions to increase protection.
  • Protected Mode
    - Only authorized users can make changes to a specified set of printer settings.
  • OS Download Control
    - Only authorized users can alter the printer's operating system version.
  • Simplified Printer Decommissioning
    - A new command is available to reset all user settings and remove user files to simplify moving printers between applications or retiring older units.
  • Easier to use Bluetooth Discovery Mode
    - Users can now activate Bluetooth Discovery Mode via a single button press to help limit unintended Bluetooth connections.


Technical Support

Technical Support

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Zebra’s Security Commitment

Zebra’s Security Commitment

Security is critical to your customers' business and workflows. When they add new technology, they don't want to introduce risk. That's why Zebra proactively guards against security vulnerabilities by integrating multiple layers of protection.

Zebra’s security is easy to deploy and seamless to frontline workers. With their smart, configurable technology, your customers can balance operational objectives with security, in real time.

Security needs, attitudes and objectives can vary widely across organizations. Zebra’s portfolio of industry-leading products and solutions meet and exceed the high standards of decision-makers across all functional areas of an organization. It begins with a heritage of innovative engineering and a unique approach to product and solution development. With Zebra's purpose-driven design, security is never an afterthought. Security starts at the beginning as a core competency that products and solutions need in order to deliver exceptional performance that propels high productivity in real-world work environments.

We know security is a key consideration when your customers are selecting new products and solutions. Take advantage of the resources below to build your knowledge about Zebra's approach to security, so you can address questions from both business and security personnel during the sales process.


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