Zebra Software Application Migration Services

New advancements in mobile device operating systems (OS) are providing advanced capabilities that allow businesses to further simplify applications and business processes—driving up workforce productivity and increasing task accuracy.  Whether customers choose to migrate to the next generation of current mobile OS or migrate to a modern OS to take advantage of these advancements, Zebra Software Application Migration Services can assess and address application migration requirements to ensure optimized performance on Zebra mobile devices. 

Previously, businesses would have to rewrite applications so that they would work in next generation MS OS or across multiple OS (Android, iOS, MS) environments.  With the acquisition of ITR Mobility, we acquired the iFACTr tools and platforms enabling customer options to be virtualized and run existing apps in like for like parity with 80%+ code re-use while providing services to redesign business processes and user experiences of other prioritized applications.

  • Zebra's Application Virtualization can demonstrate large customer apps running on the next gen mobile environment within weeks as opposed to months or years that a rewrite would take. This not only dramatically accelerates time to market, but also lowers costs and reduces risk.
  • Zebra's UX Prototyping process helps customers identify what's possibly with next generation mobile technology and creates a functional user experience that that is delivered within days.


Services for business and partners that do not have in-house capabilities:

  • Application Virtualization: Virtualized prototype of up to 10 screens of a legacy WinMob application running on a modern device. Fully Virtualized Production application.
  • Re-Envision: While leveraging your existing code, re-envision your application with a modern look and feel taking advantage of modern device capabilities.
  • Re-Engineer: Migrate legacy applications to today's modern devices through a rewrite using best practices for native or cross platform development.

Services for both Zebra and third-party developed applications:

  • Third-Party Activation: Provides sample code, best practices, troubleshooting & optimization. Interoperability, usability and functionality testing coupled with post deployment application solution support.
  • On-Going Support: SW support agreement provides access to Zebra OneCare support resources and entitles customers to defect fixes for Zebra applications. Post launch Tier 2 support of Zebra applications or third-party applications that have executed the test and validation service.

Jack Sheehan

Senior Business Analyst and Business Development Manager
Phone: 800-354-9776 ext. 3244
Email: jsheehan@bluestarinc.com