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Zebra RFID printers give you total visibility, allowing you to identify, track, manage and optimize assets. From the first link in your supply chain to the last, our RFID printers have the flexibility to meet different business needs, including new applications. Choose from a range of RFID printers, from mobile to high-output solutions, performance-matched to Zebra labels and tags.

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Streamline operations with an innovative high-volume RFID encoder and printer. Print and encode a variety of UHF radio frequency identification smart labels for a number of applications, including healthcare specimen smart labeling, item-level tagging and more. 

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Small in size but full of features, the ZD500R is Link-OS-enabled making it simple to integrate and manage.  With automatic calibration, you'll enjoy lower media cost, less waste and fewer roll changes.  Featuring UHF RFID encoding capabilities, it is ideal for numerous applications such as retail tagging, and manufacturing, government and healthcare tracking.

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Chip-Based RFID Serialization

ZE500R Print Engines

ZE500R Print Engines

Performance leaders in mission-critical RFID printing applications, these reliable print engines with RFID technology empower you with an integrated solution for identifying packages, cases and pallets.  The ZE500R embeds a fully integrated ThingMagic RFID Reader/Encoder and supports the ability to print and encode short pitch item level tags, chip based serialization and block permalocking of user memory.  

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ZT400 Series

ZT400 Industrial Printers

Loaded with advanced features and connectivity options, these printer/encoders accurately and efficiently produce labels for all your mid- to high-volume item-level tracking applications. And, with Zebra’s Link-OS® environment, they’re easy to integrate, manage and maintain from any location.

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ZXP Series UHF RFID Card Printers

ZXP Series 7 UHF RFID Card Printers  

Using the latest in Zebra card-printing technology, the ZXP Series 7 provides high-quality card printing. The ZXP Series 7 printer has an innovative design. It automatically adjusts to the thickness of the card, and ribbon loading is easy.With color coded guides and a clear LCD control panel, it's simple for anyone to use.

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