This Summer’s Hottest Restaurant Trends -

People love dining out… and people love summer! But most of all, people love dining out in summer: almost half of all U.S. diners report they eat out the most during the sunny, warm season. Are you curious about this summer’s (and year’s) hottest restaurant trends? We have the know-how!

With more than 1 million restaurant locations in the country, and...

Food robots might sound futuristic, but believe it or not, they’re already showing up in restaurants across the world. Offering both front- and back-of-house services, food robots work in a variety of roles, from cooking and cleaning up to bartending and bussing tables. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular food robots on the market today, and how restaurants can get their very own robot.


Flippy : Meet Flippy, a robot that works...

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Chic. Compact. Connected.


  • 3-Inch (80mm) Thermal Printer
  • Stylish and Compact Design
  • Available in Black or White
  • Multi-Interface — Traditional USB, Lightning USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet, CloudPRNT
  • Peripheral Device Connectivity — Cash Drawer, Customer Display, 1D/2D Scanners, Scales
  • Wide Software Support — Native OS, Web, and Cloud