Using barcodes strictly for scanning barcodes while shopping or for inventory management are a thing of the past. A simple code that has gone from 1D to 2D, scanned on paper and then scanned on screens, has become a pervasive necessity for every single item that we purchase or use. Who knew that from a mere grocery store, our everyday barcodes would evolve so much in the way they’re used and the industries that they are used in.

NEWARK, Calif., Nov. 19, 2019 – Socket Mobile, Inc’s Capture SDK announced full compatibility with iOS 13 and iPad OS today. Socket Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT) is a leading innovator of data capture and delivery solutions for enhanced productivity. The Capture SDK is used by application developers like Shopify, Square and others to seamlessly integrate wireless barcode scanning into iOS-based applications.

Socket Mobile prides itself on providing Bluetooth barcode scanners that can fit in almost any situation for virtually any industry’s needs. But, how do you know which reader is right for you? SocketScan or DuraScan? What are the differences between these scanners? Socket Mobile’s series of barcode scanners come in several different scanning technologies, and each one suits a particular clientele’s needs.

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