2 Years, 2nd Day Response Onsite Service for $100

Beginning September 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018, any reseller purchase of a SATO CL4NX or CL6NX may attach a specially priced two (2) year, second (2nd) day, onsite service contract for $100! 


To purchase an onsite service contract at the special price of $100, use Part Number SATO-CLNX-2-2-1-4 (for CL4NX printers) or SATO-CLNX-2-2-1-6 (for CL6NX).


1)   2-2-1 Onsite Service is a 1:1 ratio program. Contracts and Printer units purchased on one purchase order (PO). Correct example of quantity purchasing: 1 printer units plus 1 service contract on a single purchase order, 10 printer units plus 10 service contracts on a single purchase order. 

2)   Single purchase orders for onsite service not accompanied with equal amounts of printers on the PO are not acceptable under this special price offering. 

3)   Program offer valid for US and major cities across Canada only.  

4)   Program offer valid on NEW CLNX printer sales only. Print option service agreements sold separately and are not a part of this offer. Contact your SATO Channel Account Manager for option service pricing.

5)   Print heads and Platen Rollers are NOT covered under this service agreement program. 

This promotion begins September 1, 2017 and ends December 31, 2018. 

CLNX Series

CLNX Series | High Performance Thermal Printers

CLNX Series | High Performance Thermal Printers


CL408NX | CL412NX | CL424NX | CL608NX | CL612NX

With the CLNX Series your problems are solved! Only the CLNX will address the typical thermal printer issues you experience today by its many user friendly features and rugged design. Built with integrity, designed with the operator in mind, the CLNX surpasses the standard of today’s printing technology.

  • New: Up to 6.5" Wide Printing with CL6NX Wide Web Thermal Printers
  • Solid Construction - The CLNX is built tough using a full cast aluminum frame providing better durability vs. bent frame and spot welded construction as seen on other leading competitive models.
  • 10-Inch OD and 600 Meter Ribbon
  • Universal Connectivity - More standard connectivity options create easier integration into existing and expanding application environments
  • Easy Media Access - Wide accessibility (60°) to media path allows for quick, effortless loading of media, print head and platen roller maintenance.
  • Label Dampener - LTDS controls the back-feed; wound in/wound out features, making most media CLNX adaptable.
  • On-board Help Videos - The CLNX help videos are conveniently resident on the printer for viewing vs. scannable QR codes as seen on other leading competitive models.
  • Advanced Ribbon Control - Additional ribbon guide roller and oversized ribbon wind spindle is synchronized with platen roller to help reduce ribbon wrinkle.


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