Manufacturing commonly requires operator identification for automation, data collection, quality control and job costing. Traditional magnetic stripe & barcode systems can be easily adapted to utilize existing employee proximity or contactless smartcard ID badges.

It’s become standard practice for companies to analyze their manufacturing processes on a continual basis to aid in maximizing their overall operational efficiency. These procedures can be turned from problematic and error-prone tasks to straightforward and trouble-free with the simple implementation of a proximity or contactless reader.

Through the use of such readers from RF IDeas, companies have the potential to improve, control and secure operations while also gaining a competitive advantage. With all these features and benefits, these technologies have become a necessity for today's industry and logistics applications. 

Manufacturing Security Infographic


pcProx® Plus


Dual-frequency card reader for identification and enrollment (reads nearly all card types).




Read-only readers for identification & enrollment of proximity or contactless smart cards.


Presence Detectors

pcProx® Sonar

Solve Workstation Security Risks - Unattended computers & workstations are a common workplace security risk. The pcProx Sonar presence detector provides auto-locking features that detect when users physically step away. Upon an employee's return, a secure log-on is used to regain access. This process enforces company security policies without a disruption in workflow, loss in time or profit.



pcProx® Mat


Pressure sensitive mat for automated secure access.



Wiegand to Serial or USB


Configurable Wiegand Converters with flash memory for data conversion.


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