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pcProx® Plus



RF IDeas pcProx® Plus  is a dual frequency programmable card reader that provides the advantages of reading both proximity and contactless smart cards in one reader. This reader allows users to leverage their employee ID badges, or any 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz tags or labels, for other forms of secure authentication and identification throughout the workplace.

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pcProx® Plus BLE


The pcProx® Plus BLE is a dual frequency programmable card reader with integrated Bluetooth low energy technology. In addition to reading both proximity (125/132 kHz) and contactless (13.56 MHz) smart cards, the reader also interacts with sensors and mobile devices that are enabled with Bluetooth low energy. Depending on the end user's application software, it can be configured to utilize BLE beaconing to serve a wide variety of use cases such as in-building location, item tracking and secure authentication. The BLE is compatible with two mobile credentials...Orange Mobility & Safetrust.

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pcProx® Plus SP


The ultra-slim, dynamic pcProx® Plus SP merges form with function for multi-purpose authentication, identification and logical access. Its small, thin form factor enables various integrated or OEM installations in recessed compartments as well as external mounting configurations. It can fit into a variety of purpose-built devices such as time clocks, kiosks or protective enclosures.

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LEGIC® Readers - NEW!!

pcProx® & pcProx® Plus SP for LEGIC® Smart Cards

The pcProx® family of readers for LEGIC® smart cards are designed for organizations seeking to improve security and efficiency by leveraging their existing card system for applications beyond door access.

RF IDeas readers for LEGIC work with the LEGIC proprietary algorithm for data authentication and supports both LEGIC advant and LEGIC prime card  technologies. RF IDeas readers with LEGIC technology provide three key benefits for users:

• True contactless smart card security
• High flexibility to manage, merge and migrate mixed card
• Improved workflow for applications requiring card access


Card Analyzer

Wave ID® Analyze - NEW!!

The Wave ID® Analyze is an intelligent portable tool used for identifying the proximity and contactless smart card technology in use at an organization. The Wave ID Analyze simplifies the process of matching the reader to the card type, eliminating the frustrating process of identifying the card type in use. It helps determine the compatible RF IDeas dual frequency or single frequency reader. 

This card/credential analyzer helps users, solution providers and hardware/software integrators quickly and accurately determine the card technology which is then easily cross-referenced to the compatible reader using the Card/Reader Guide provided in the kit. The kit also includes one HID Prox® key fob and one iCLASS® ISO card for demonstration purposes.

The results displayed include the card type, data size and raw data (card CSN or UID) in hexadecimal format. Using the Card/Reader Guide, the compatible readers are shown along with the pcProx® Config Utility Card Type Setting for pcProx Plus readers.

The Wave ID Analyze supports the most number of card types in use worldwide. It checks instantaneously for the card and sends the results as keystrokes to a text editors such as Microsoft® Notepad or the text field of any other application. No additional software is required. The Wave ID Analyze is compatible with nearly all computer operations systems that support USB keyboard devices.


Presence Detectors

pcProx® Sonar

The plug-and-play pcProx® Sonar solves security risks and privacy concerns with unattended computers without requiring additional software or user action. This solution is a presence detector, not a badge reader. When a user steps away from the computer, the product automatically locks the computer. It detects a user's presence so the computer will not lock until the user physically steps away, avoiding awkward time-out settings.

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Ethernet 241

RF IDeas card readers are ideal for customers seeking to leverage their existing card systems with Multi-Function Printer capabilities. With some network applications, the addition of a network drop to accommodate a card reader for secure printing is impractical. Users may also be left desiring additional features, such as data encryption and standardized communication across different reader types. In these cases, the preferred solution is to utilize a device that provides two Ethernet ports, acting as a two port switch that also provides the additional features for accessing card readers, eliminating the need for additional network drop installations and associated costs.

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Universal Enroll SDK

Software developers kit for pcProx® Plus, pcProx® Enroll, pcSwipeTM & Wiegand converters. Downloadable, full-featured and easy to integrate.

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