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Producing quality mounts for business starts with world-class manufacturing. Machined and hand-tooled in Sweden, not mass-produced with injection molding, ProClip mounts are made from high-quality ABS and/or Acetyl plastics. A modular mounting system, the ProClip device mount inventory can be customized to hold virtually any device. On-Demand manufacturing can deliver hundreds of ready to deploy mounts for business and ProClip can also...

Have questions? ProClip custom phone mounts are designed to install in five minutes or less with minimal tools for installation. Our custom vehicle mounts clip into the existing seams of your dashboard and can be easily removed without damaging your dash. Complete your two-piece car phone mount by choosing the custom device holder that combines with your vehicle mount.

Buying something new can be stressful. You want to make sure you’re getting the best product on the market. Finding the right phone mounting solution for your car is no exception. Who do you look to for buying advice?

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