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Zebra ET50/ET55 Tablet Cradles & Enclosures

Zebra ET50/ET55 Tablet Cradles & Enclosures

ProClip offers an extensive line of custom-designed and precision-machined cradles and enclosures ‘sleeves’ for Zebra ET50 and ET55 8.3 and 10.1 rugged tablets.  Machined in Sweden from ABS and Acetal, each cradle in this series has been custom-made to fit the ET5x tablet in a specific configuration (bare device, device in rugged frame, device with expansion module, device with frame and expansion module).  Our ET5X cradles attach directly to ProClip Dashboard Mounts and Pedestal Mounts which utilize the universally accepted ‘AMPS’ hole pattern.  Charging models support CLA or Hard-wired configurations.  Data Capable models include USB, and Ethernet ports.  No matter where or how you plan to deploy your ET5X tablet, ProClip has an enclosure or cradle to secure, mount and power your device.

• Custom Cradles & Enclosures for Zebra ET50 and ET55

• Charging with CLA or Hard-Wired for Fixed Installation

• Key Locking

• Attach to Any Pedestal Mount with AMPS Hole Pattern

• In-Vehicle, Warehouse, Forklift, Desktop, Belt Clip, Shoulder Strap


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Mobile Computers

Mobile Computers

ProClip Handheld Mobile Computer ‘HMC’ Holders and Charging Cradles are custom designed and precision machined from high-grade ABS and Acetal for a perfect fit and to provide a secure method for mounting and charging your handheld mobile computer, PDA or EDA of choice.  Our HMC Holders attach directly to ProClip Dashboard Mounts or to any Pedestal Mount utilizing the universally accepted ‘AMPS’ hole pattern.  Charging models support CLA or Hard-wired configuration.

• Custom Vehicle Cradles for Over 30 Leading Brands of Mobile Computer

• Charging with CLA or Hard-Wired for Fixed Installation

• Designed for Easy One-Handed Insertion and Removal

• USB Host Available on Some Models

• Attach Readily to Any Pedestal Mount with AMPS Hole Pattern


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Specialty Mounts

Specialty Mounts

ProClip offers a wide range of custom-designed and purpose-built mounting solutions for mobile devices deployed in a variety of industries and environments.  From pipe and bar clamp-style mounts to heavy duty suction cup mounts to industrial strength, shock absorbing mounts for use in forklifts and heavy machinery, ProClip has a quality mounting solution to stand up to your demands.  Our solid-core Aluminum pedestals with interlocking teeth provide a modular and customizable extension to the specialty mount of your choice.

• Bar/Pipe & Handlebar Mounts

• Clamping Mounts

• Tabletop and Floor Stands

• Forklift Mounts with Shock & Vibe Reducer

• Heavy Duty Aluminum Pedestal Mount System

• Hollow Core Pedestal for Cable Management


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TOUGH SLEEVE for Tablets

TOUGH SLEEVE for Tablets

Tough Sleeves are the ideal solution for day-to-day business operations. Quick charging is a built in feature facilitated by the Sliding Power Block. All in one custom fitted solution preventing you from needing another protective case. Made in Sweden from high-grade ABS and acetal plastics. Bumpers on the inner wall will reduce vibration and help protect the tablet if dropped. Compatible with 12 and 24-volt systems, the Tough Sleeve can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to office.

• Custom Fit Tablet Mounting Solutions

• Rugged Design for Heavy Use

• Driver Removable — Easy Slide-On & Off Design

• Very Secure, Charging Attachment

• Wall Mount Docking Stations

• Offers Easy Access to the Camera & All Buttons

• Key Lock Sliding Block - Optional Accessory

• Rapid Development & Cost Effective

Mobile Printer Mounts

Mobile Printer Mounts

ProClip mobile printer mounts allow you to securely mount and power your mobile printer anywhere your work environment requires.  A custom-designed mount plate attaches to your printer and then engages firmly with ProClip’s innovative powered or non-powered Locking Move Clip keeping your printer within reach, no matter the situation.  Mount your printer to a medical work station, warehouse cart, handlebar, shelf, desktop surface or wall, vehicle dashboard or even a forklift rack or bar.  If we don’t offer a printer mount kit for your printer of choice, we would welcome the chance to design and produce it for you.

• Custom-Made Mounting Solution for your Mobile Printer

• Mount and Power the Printer

• Attach Printers to Handles, Solid Surfaces, Vehicles

• Quick-Release or Fixed Mount 

• Custom Mount design and prototyping upon request

• Made in Sweden from High Grade ABS, Acetal and Aluminum


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Dashboard Mounts

Dashboard Mounts

ProClip Dashboard Mounts are custom designed and precision machined from high-grade ABS to accommodate the unique shape and structure of your vehicle’s dashboard.  The result is a solid mounting surface for your ProClip mobile device holder or charging cradle.  No holes to drill.  Just follow the included installation instructions and within a few minutes you will be enjoying a secure and convenient device mount in your car, truck, van, SUV or commercial vehicle.

• Custom Made to Fit your Dashboard

• Provides a Solid Mounting Surface

• Installs in About One Minute

• Quickly Attach Your Phone or Tablet Holder or Charging Cradle

• No Holes to Drill

• Made in Sweden from High Grade ABS


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