As a responsible employer and business partner, NiceLabel is taking global protective measures following the latest news about the coronavirus outbreak. Based on recently adopted rules regarding our business travel and organizing/hosting events, our customer-facing teams are currently unable to perform their regular face-to-face activities at NiceLabel’s offices or at client locations.

NiceLabel is the first ISV (independent software vendor) to sign up to the recently launched new Citizen Consul Club for ISVs, an extension of their existing Citizen Consul Club, developed exclusively for ISVs in order to open the door for further business potential by widening the partner network and introducing ISVs to Citizen resellers.

NiceLabel 2019 is the next logical step in evolution of the new-generation NiceLabel software that started with NiceLabel 2017. NiceLabel 2019 is built upon NiceLabel 2017 and shares the same core components. NiceLabel 2017 files are 100% compatible with NiceLabel 2019. You can use all existing label assets that you created with NiceLabel 2017 without any need for conversion or migration.

NiceLabel is one of the 105 most successful companies in 22 countries of Central- and South-Eastern Europe, according to the recent research, conducted by IEDC business school and CEEMAN management development association, with support of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The objective of their extensive international research project was to identify CEE and SEE companies that are the leaders in their respective niche...

30. May. 2019 Today, NiceLabel announced the release of NiceLabel 2019.1, the first new update to the series of products launched in November of last year, and the next generation of NiceLabel Drivers. NiceLabel 2019.1 introduces new analytics features in Control Center, Label Cloud enhancements, and SAP ABAP v2 that will enable customers and partners to create better print productivity solutions faster. This release reinforces the company's...

NiceLabel 2019 is the next-generation of NiceLabel software built upon foundation set by NiceLabel 2017. NiceLabel 2019 inherits a lot of the concepts and functionality from the NiceLabel 6 software, but is based on new technology. As such, some of the functionality that was available in NiceLabel 6 is either offered differently or no longer available. While NiceLabel 2019 remains highly compatible with the previous version of NiceLabel, there...

NiceLabel has been named to the FL 100+, Food Logistics magazine’s annual list of the top 100-plus software and technology providers for the food and beverage industry. The list serves as a resource guide of software and technology providers whose products and services are critical for companies in the global food and beverage supply chain.

19 Nov 2018

Manufacturing & Logistics IT spoke with a number of leading spokespeople from the vendor and analyst communities about recent and possible future developments within the world of printing & labelling technology.

The market has changed. Costly, legacy labeling approaches are forcing companies to digitally transform. This shift toward modernization is creating a significant opportunity. Join this one-day event to learn how you can capitalize on this opportunity to increase sales.

Wauwatosa, WI, (July 12 , 2016 ) – NiceLabel, the world's leading developer of label and marking productivity software solutions, has released a groundbreaking new software platform “ NiceLabel 2017 ” and introduced a completely new product line that extends from label designers to enterprise label management solutions. The new software has capabilities that allow businesses to achieve maximum print productivity.

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