NiceLabel 2019 is the next-generation of NiceLabel software built upon foundation set by NiceLabel 2017. NiceLabel 2019 inherits a lot of the concepts and functionality from the NiceLabel 6 software, but is based on new technology. As such, some of the functionality that was available in NiceLabel 6 is either offered differently or no longer available. While NiceLabel 2019 remains highly compatible with the previous version of NiceLabel, there...

NiceLabel has been named to the FL 100+, Food Logistics magazine’s annual list of the top 100-plus software and technology providers for the food and beverage industry. The list serves as a resource guide of software and technology providers whose products and services are critical for companies in the global food and beverage supply chain.

19 Nov 2018

Manufacturing & Logistics IT spoke with a number of leading spokespeople from the vendor and analyst communities about recent and possible future developments within the world of printing & labelling technology.

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