NCR Silver provides you with a complete payment, marketing and management solution designed specifically for entrepreneurs. The tablet POS system provide a functionality and familiarity to your system, but unlike other tablet POS systems, NCR Silver gives you the benefit of unmatched support, simple and easy-to-use technology, and a solid commitment to helping you succeed.

Turn Your iOS Device into a POS System

Any mobile device running on Apple iOS can be converted into a complete point-of-sale system. All you have to do is subscribe to an NCR silver app, and your device will be capable of taking payments, receiving in-depth sales reports, offering integrated loyalty, and more.

There’s no need for additional expensive hardware, onsite servers, or software – NCR Silver provides total simplicity.

NCR Silver Quantum

More than a typical point-of-sale, this all-in-one station delivers customer engagement, business insight and payment acceptance in one sleep, space conserving package. The device is small and easy to use, and can operate cord-free for up to 10 hours.

A La Carte Hardware

Once you’ve chosen your POS application – NCR Silver or NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition – there are plenty of hardware options available, from iOS devices to the Silver Quantum Commerce Station.

Whether it’s EMV readers, wireless printers, or fully-integrated sales, NCR has the hardware you need to create your perfect solution.

Kitchen Display for NCR Silver

Kitchen Display for NCR Silver is here to serve you and help you serve your customers. It can improve efficiency and accuracy in your kitchen, speeding up the order process and keeping your customers fed and happy. Use with NCR Silver Pro Restaurant on iOS to send orders directly to your kitchen staff on an easy-to-view digital display in the back of the house.

Minimize mistakes, turn tables more quickly, and optimize your kitchen with Kitchen Display for NCR Silver.

NCR Silver

Available on iOS devices or the NCR Silver Quantum commerce station, this app is the original line busting, sales reporting, business management application to propel your business to success. Integrate seamless loyalty rewards, train employees quickly and with no hassle, and keep your customers coming back. From boutiques to bars, small businesses to large enterprises, NCR Silver is a simple, efficient and smart solution to fit your every need.

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition

Keeping a restaurant running efficiently and seamlessly from front-of-house to back-of-house is a tough management task. But with NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition, you can enjoy table mapping, offer happy hour specials or other discounts, and more. This app for iOS can help you optimize your staffing and serve customers more quickly to keep your tables turning and your customers happy.