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Why Partner with NCR

NCR is the leading vendor of omni-channel solutions across a wide variety of verticals, including retail and hospitality. The NCR CounterPoint Partner Program provides consistency everywhere through its tiered program, and rewards your business for the value you provide. This provides you with the framework to invest and grow your business to expand your margins.

Interact Rewards Partners Who:

  • Improve competencies
  • Broaden portfolio
  • Acquire new customers
  • Develop differentiated solutions
  • Provide great customer satisfaction

By fulfilling the requirements and signing up for the NCR Interact Partner Program, you can open yourself up to new opportunities in your industry. When you join, the program can help you expand territories or broaden your portfolio to grow revenue, drive new customer acquisition, and gain a competitive advantage in your field. You’ll be able to leverage the NCR brand equity to build your business’ value.

NCR’s overall business is growing at a rate of 6.5% to 7%, and our expectations for the indirect channel is to grow 25% each year. As we continue to grow our business, our partners can grow too.

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