MagTek and Magensa Services take on the responsibility of certification, freeing up restaurants and merchants to focus on service and the customer experience.

Deployed as a handheld card reader or at a stand-alone kiosk, the kDynamo is a rugged and reliable, multimedia-ready mobile device. Paired with an iOS tablet, kDynamo is ideally suited for the emerging no-contact demands of the current payments climate. Supported by the MagneSafe Security...


3 Tools for Restaurants and Retail

to Succeed in the Current Business Climate

MagTek Provides Tools, Services, and Support to Maintain Secure Connection with Customers and Keep Business Going


Ready for Secure Call-In orders

From high-end meals to a week’s worth of groceries, home delivery is growing quickly as a predominant customer experience. This growing market demand requires businesses keep pace. MagTek secure card reader authenticators ease...

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