The retail landscape has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Consumers expect retail experiences to save them time and money. Retail E-commerce is projected to make up 17% of all U.S. retail sales by 20221. This growth might seem intimidating for traditional retailers but don’t worry, brick and mortar retail isn’t dead.

On August 27, thousands of healthcare thought leaders and prominent innovators will flock to Verona, Wisconsin to attend the Epic UGM tradeshow. This year’s theme, “The Great Outdoors,” seems less of a step into the robotic world of our digital future, but a peaceful, backwoods retreat. With treehouses as conference rooms, a wizard-themed auditorium, and even a moat with a drawbridge, Verona is truly its own world. “The Great Outdoors” aims to...

The modern hospital is anything but idle or predictable. Now more than ever, healthcare providers need the ability to do business anywhere, at any time. That’s why at Infinite Peripherals, we’re redefining healthcare mobility with highly intuitive and customizble solutions designed to move medical professionals forward. After all, your healthcare providers shouldn’t be held back by yesterday’s technologies, It should be mobilized by today’s...

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