In March 2014, Bluefin Payment Systems became the first North American company to receive Payment Card Industry (PCI) validation for a Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution. At the time of Bluefin’s validation, only two other companies in the world – both in Europe –had achieved this hard-won validation.

MagicCube, the creator of the world’s only Software Trusted Execution Environment platform (sTEE™), and ID TECH, a leading manufacturer of point-of-sale (POS) payment peripherals, today announced a partnership to bring to market an out-of-the-box solution for secure card acceptance using PIN-on-Glass. MagicCube and ID TECH are integrating their technologies with a new offering that will turn any locale or device into a POS, which will lower card...

Team Research, Inc. (dba TEAMSable POS), a premiere manufacturer of innovative Point of Sale (POS) hardware products, announces its channel collaboration with International Technologies and Systems Corporation, (dba ID TECH) a world-recognized leader in the design and manufacture of secure payment solutions, to bring seamless Chip Card (EMV) integrated card processing solutions to TEAMSable branded POS terminals…

BluePay, a leading gateway and payment technology provider, along with ID TECH, a designer and manufacturer of a wide range of payment products and components, announced the release of an integrated EMV processing solution that seamlessly operates with the existing Virtual Terminal or any BluePay hosted or merchant payment form using ID TECH’s patent-pending Augusta S reader

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