Improving Patient Care With a Smarter, Connected Organization

Positive patient outcomes are at the heart of hospital patient care. Constant collaboration and coordination among your clinicians is one key to delivering safe, effective patient care. So is a barcode-based positive patient ID system that supports your efforts to keep patient safety the first priority. 

Honeywell Healthcare Solutions

The Honeywell product portfolio is the most comprehensive and capable set of technologies in the healthcare industry. From healthcare’s fastest, most precise barcode scanning to mobile computing, printing, RFID and voice systems, to sophisticated mobile device management tools that allow for remote device administration from a single, centralized location – Honeywell is committed to healthcare data collection and communication workflows that enhance patient safety and quality of care.


Delivering the results you need

  • Patient Admissions Workflow Solutions
    Matching the right patient to the right medical history, medications and doctor's instructions. It’s critical to providing the right care. And it’s all built on the patient barcode ID wristband. 

  • Bedside Point of Care
    With Honeywell workflow solutions, you’ll equip your clinicians with tools that increase productivity and simplify their day, so they can focus on patient care. 

  • Medication Administration
    Properly prescribing and administering medication in hospitals is key to patient recovery and safety. That’s one reason why thousands of hospitals have chosen Honeywell barcode systems to help their nurses ensure the five rights of meds admin.

  • Specimen Collection
    Specimen labeling has recently come under greater scrutiny as the next big Meaningful Use opportunity to improve patient safety. At minimum, specimen collection labeling errors contribute to wasted time. More alarming, they can lead to the serious consequences of a misdiagnosis. That’s why hospitals have been working closely with their EMR vendors and Honeywell to create new solutions and new best practices for specimen labeling. 

  • Laboratory
    Accurately tracking specimens is almost as critical as the test results themselves. That’s why hospitals today have made barcode labeling and scanning the foundation of their specimen tracking systems. It’s also why you need choose your barcode labeling and scanning solution carefully.

  • Pharmacy
    Properly labeling unit doses and custom IV formularies with barcodes is key to a safe medication administration workflow.

  • Supply Tracking
    Maintaining, distributing, and tracking medical supplies and inventory is critical for patient care and proper billing. Honeywell mobile computers, barcode scanners and printers are routinely deployed throughout hospitals for supply chain and PAR management workflows.


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