1. Improve Productivity and lower the Total Cost of Ownership for your customer's devices.

2. 20% or more capacity advantage and up to 30% more run time over competitive batteries.

3. Highest quality Industrial Grade A Japanese Cells.

4. Best warranty in the industry:
12+ months

5. Less than 0.025% RMA. The industry average is about 4%.

6. Use of GTS batteries will not void OEM Equipment warranty, including Scanner, Two-Way Radio, Printer, UPS, and Wireless Phone Batteries.

7. Broad product line: We are a one-stop shop for all your customer's battery needs.

8. Immediate delivery.
Orders typically ship within 48 hours and we can drop ship directly to your customer.

9. Provide your customers with a second source strategy:

  1. We have product available when competitive battery manufacturers cannot supply.
  2. We continue to support products after the competitive batteries are discontinued.

10. Battery experts are available with dozens of dedicated battery and charger engineers who provide Innovative custom solutions for your customers.

Ryan Busse

Katie Irwin

Business Development Manager
Phone: 1-800-354-9776 Ext: 3258
Email: kirwin@bluestarinc.com

Bad batteries clog up mobile operations with excessive costs and, until now, it has been impossible to identify and remove bad batteries from your client’s facilities. The state-of-the-art GTS Tester and Mobile App allow your client’s staff, or GTS, to easily and efficiently identify, remove, and replace bad batteries right onsite. The cost savings will be replaced, not too soon and not too late.
View the Microsite dramatic, and GTS can prove it to your clients in just twenty minutes at one of their own facilities. Increase your client’s productivity while immediately cutting their labor, battery, and service agreement costs with GTS’ Test & Replace™ service. It’s free, it’s easy, and it has significant long-term advantages – contact GTS or your BlueStar representative today to get started.

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