ExtremeWorks Maintenance Services


Providing you with Choices

When evaluating the best strategy for maintaining your networking environment, you consider options and quality of service. At Extreme Networks, there is nothing more important than our customers. We offer you a superior service experience and flexibility in maintenance services offerings, including:

      In-house 24x7 global technical phone support enabling you to call anytime, from anywhere to talk with an Extreme Networks technical support expert about your network.  

 •     Software subscription for application updates and upgrades ensures you have the latest optimized application software, helping to manage your budget and maximize network performance.

 •     Operational software updates and upgrades to ensure the network device is running the most recent core operational software. This service is included with the purchase of any service offering on a hardware product.  

     Advanced Hardware Replacement so that you have replacement parts when you need them. Your options include Next Business Day Ship or 4 hour delivery times.

 •     Field Technicians who can augment your existing IT staff by covering equipment maintenance responsibilities so your staff can focus on core IT business initiatives. Your options include Next Business Day or 4 Hour response times and include the Advanced Hardware Replacement part.  

     Web support that enables your IT staff to research ways to improve their Extreme Networks equipment performance. This offering is included with the purchase of any maintenance service.

 Maximizing Uptime – Reducing Risk

The biggest challenge most of our customers have is losing employee time  and productivity as a result of a network device whose performance is sluggish  or non-existent.

Our ExtremeWorks Maintenance Services cover both application and operational software combined with industry-leading technical support and hardware service. ExtremeWorks Maintenance Services maximize your network uptime and reduce the risk of lost productivity.

 Evaluating Your Maintenance Options

We understand that you want to choose the right maintenance services that best match your network environment demands as well as your budget. We have designed ExtremeWorks Maintenance offerings to enable you to select what you need, when you need it, on the devices you need covered, all while helping you manage your maintenance budget.




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