19 Nov 2018

CB&S Bank Adopts Atris Software with Epson Multifunction Teller Devices to Support Overall Branch Transformation

Joint Solutions Reduce Transaction Processing Times Allowing Bank Employees to Better Engage with Customers and Meet their Financial Services Needs.

Epson America, Inc.,a leading supplier of value-added financial solutions, and Atris Technology, a software development firm specializing in automation solutions in the financial services industry, today announced successful deployment of 250 Epson OmniLink® TM-T70II-DT printers and TM-S2000 multifunction teller devices each at CB&S Bank, a leading community bank headquartered in Russellville, Alabama, operating over 50 branches in the Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee markets. The joint solutions allowed the bank to greatly simplify and reduce the time involved in the capture and validation process for the teller at the point of customer interaction.


As part of a continued branch transformation, which involves building numerous integrations between solutions, CB&S Bank was looking to eliminate various manual processes and reduce processing time to 30 seconds or less for all standard customer transactions. At the recommendation of Atris, they made the decision to move to a joint Atris/Epson solution to allow the teller application to run from any device, and maintain the thin client computing environment currently in place within the bank. The initial integration development was completed in just 30 days and more robust operations with the devices were addressed over the following 60 days. Once deployed, it only took one week of teller training to get the solutions up and running.


"We have seen an increase in transactions being performed at the branch level without adding additional staff, and are now automating most steps within the transaction process," said Justin Hof, executive vice president and chief information officer of CB&S Bank. "In addition, we did not have to invest in new computers for our tellers, allowing our thin client investment to continue. The solutions provided by Atris and Epson provide us with a significant competitive advantage in our markets."


"We consider adoption of these particular Epson multifunction teller devices a great success, specifically because we recognize the applicability of this solution in a variety of bank environments while remaining cognizant of budget restraints," said Scott McElhiney, sales manager at Atris Technology. "A key aspect to the CB&S Bank project was to ensure any check scanning equipment meshed well with the bank's current technology infrastructure. The decision to utilize Epson equipment was primarily based on the compatibility with the Citrix thin client environment, device reliability, and the significant technical support provided by Epson to ensure successful integration."


"Working together with Atris, allowed us to empower CB&S Bank with the best solutions to make it as fast and easy as possible to collect vital customer information, in one step, giving branch personnel more face-to-face time fostering stronger customer relationships," Rahn Rampton, financial services product manager at Epson.


Epson's TM-S2000 multifunction teller device offers everything financial institutions need for teller capture, back counter and RDC applications. It features the fastest check scanning in its class, high-quality check images, 99.9% MICR accuracy, cashier check and endorsement printing, two-sided ID scanning and more. The OmniLink TM-T70II-DT offers a thermal printer combined with computing power and configuration flexibility.


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