Open Safely with Elo Self-Service

In a world where social distancing, preventative measures and virus contamination potential are paramount, businesses of all kinds need to ensure that everyone on-premise is protected and safe. For implementing new and enhanced safety measures, Elo offers touchscreen solutions for a variety of access applications, including employee access, guest and patient check-in and triage. Streamline security and increase human safety with Elo's modular platforms that can enable a variety of capabilities from facial recognition to health screening. 


  • Increase employee and visitor safety
  • Create efficiencies and eliminate paper-based processes
  • Reduce the cost of visitor management
  • Mitigate risk of viral contamination

Elo's temperature checking kiosk enables the first step in reopening for every vertical

Gauge wellness at point-of-entry by leveraging Elo's thermal sensor, perfect for checking employee or guest temperatures. As an Elo Edge Connect™ accessory, it seamlessly attaches to the edge of the I-Series touchscreen, and mounted onto one of Elo's Self-Service Stands and paired with the right software, businesses can build a tailored access control solution that's flexible to be modified as needed and scalable.

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Safety and sanitation have never been as important as they are now. With kiosks that can easily be positioned a safe distance from each other, and edge-to-edge glass for easy cleaning, the growing trend of self-service is proving to be the way of the future. See how easily Elo products can be cleaned and disinfected to protect against the spread of common viral infections, including COVID-19.

Cleaning Methods for Elo Touchscreens (COVID-19)


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