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NEW Collaboration Solutions for
Corporate & Education Environments!


With the growth of interactive learning and business collaboration on the rise, Elo has partnered with DisplayNote and Qwizdom to offer a FREE one-year software subscription with the purchase of select Elo hardware providing new solution offerings for corporate and education environments. The single-sourced product bundles, tested at the factory level, deliver the same quality and reliability Elo is known for with the added value of collaboration-ready software. Whether presenting, brainstorming or collaborating, Elo can help address the growing demand for live and interactive experiences. 

Part Numbers


Part #Description
E343989      BUY NOWElo, ECMG3, Computer Module for IDS 02-Series, Win 10, Core i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, HD graphics 530, DisplayNote Montage Software
E399924      BUY NOWElo, IDS 01-Series, 7001LT, 70-inch, Widescreen, LSD, Touch Monitor, Infrared 20-touch, Clear, Bezel, Gray, Qwizdom Oktopus/Ximbus Software
E399726      BUY NOWElo, IDS 02-Series, 5502L, 55-inch, Widescreen, LCD, Touch Monitor, Infrared, 20-touch, VGA/HDMI/DisplayPort, Clear, Bezel, Gray, Qwizdom Oktopus/Ximbus Software

Collaboration Accessories

Further enhance the collaboration experience with Elo's Collaboration Tray and Webcam accessories.

The Collaboration Tray paired with an Elo touchscreen simplifies team work for enterprise applications. Designed for use with the IDS product line, the Collaboration Tray is compatible with any third-party corporate or education collaboration software solution - transforming the IDS display into an Collaboration Hub via the open platform architecture of Elo's IDS products. 

The tray kit includes two styluses optimized for use with Elo's PCAP and IR touchscreens across a variety of interactive whiteboard and annotation applications. Also, included in the tray is a front access USB port for direct and immediate content sharing from any member of the meeting when paired with an Elo embedded computer module (ECM). 




Expand conference room and classroom setup with Elo's 02-Series Webcam which easily attaches to the micro USBs that are located on each side of the monitor. 

Supported operating systems include Windows7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X and later, and Android OS Jellybean or later. 



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