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NEW Collaboration Solutions for
Corporate & Education Environments!


With the growth of interactive learning and business collaboration on the rise, Elo has partnered with DisplayNote and Qwizdom to offer a FREE one-year software subscription with the purchase of select Elo hardware providing new solution offerings for corporate and education environments. The single-sourced product bundles, tested at the factory level, deliver the same quality and reliability Elo is known for with the added value of collaboration-ready software. Whether presenting, brainstorming or collaborating, Elo can help address the growing demand for live and interactive experiences. 

Part Numbers


Part #Description
E343989      BUY NOWElo, ECMG3, Computer Module for IDS 02-Series, Win 10, Core i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, HD graphics 530, DisplayNote Montage Software
E399924      BUY NOWElo, IDS 01-Series, 7001LT, 70-inch, Widescreen, LSD, Touch Monitor, Infrared 20-touch, Clear, Bezel, Gray, Qwizdom Oktopus/Ximbus Software
E399726      BUY NOWElo, IDS 02-Series, 5502L, 55-inch, Widescreen, LCD, Touch Monitor, Infrared, 20-touch, VGA/HDMI/DisplayPort, Clear, Bezel, Gray, Qwizdom Oktopus/Ximbus Software





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