As curious and adventurous beings, humans have long traveled the earth in search of food, work, new experiences and exposure to different cultures and geography. During our excursions we have always needed places to sleep, eat, meet, and entertain ourselves. In recent times, we still travel the globe, but now a lot faster, farther and in a lot more comfort than in days past.

As a multi-billion dollar and growing enterprise, the hospitality industry is as diverse and competitive as it has ever been. Expanding to include areas such as tourism and meeting and convention planning, the hospitality industry is exciting, and never dull. Hospitality management involves extensive planning, organizing and coordination of multiple resources involved in the orchestration of materials, locations, people and time to produce a positive experience for its customers.

Success for the businesses in the hospitality industry is highly dependent on the quality of the experience and the level of service offered to its customers. Technologies like bar code scanning and automatic data collection play an integral role in the ability of organizations to operate at peak efficiencies. Enabling staff to handle and move large influxes of guests in a quick and timely manner in order to build customer satisfaction and loyalty are best achieved using the right mix of personnel, tools and technology. Paperless inventory systems, ordering, delivery, payment and tracking can all be executed using data captured by bar code scanning equipment.

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Jim Schaffer

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The AV900 is the innovative 2D image-based reader setting a new paradigm for logistic applications with high speed transportation systems on all conveyor sizes, airport baggage handling systems, as well as static reading applications.

Bologna, May 27th, 2020. Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, announces an investment in AWM Smart Shelf, a California-based artificial intelligence and computer vision company.

Bologna, April 30th 2020, With the new Memor™ 20, Datalogic is launching a PDA that empowers users in retail, field services, logistic environments, and healthcare, with a device that combines the best features of a smartphone with the highest standards of enterprise level devices.