Today’s retailers – whether they are a small boutique, large chain or mass merchandiser – are increasingly concerned with operational control, technology expenses, and workflow efficiency.

CognitiveTPG has provided the retail industry with POS technologies and barcode printing solutions for over 30 years. Our breadth of products is designed to meet the needs of both front and back-of-store applications, offering reliable, easy to use, and cost effective solutions.

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A798II/A799II Receipt Printers

CognitiveTPG offers an affordable yet durable A798II receipt printer as well as a full featured A799II receipt printer for ultra-fast print speeds and high quality graphics.

Product Features

  • Steel frame and modular design for greater strength and faster delivery
  • Multiple interface options
  • Built-in liquid dam and drainage features
  • Spill Guard accessory available for ultra-harsh environments
  • Fast print speeds (A799II at 350 mm/sec and 180 mm/sec on the A798II)
  • Industry leading warranties (4 years – A799II, 3 years – A798II)

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Two-Color Thermal/Impact Hybrid Printer

CognitiveTPG invented the first multi-station hybrid printers to satisfy the changing needs of grocery and retail customers. The A760 brings a world of new profit generating possibilities to receipt printing. Designed for years of reliable operation in demanding high transaction volume environment, the A760 is a fast two-color hybrid printer that offers integrated MICR reading and check franking. The A760's flat slip table presents an accurate and user friendly platform to print on checks, slips, and multi-part forms.


ReceiptWare Marketing Software


A simple, affordable way to ‘talk’ to your customers! Add logos, promotional messages, coupons, watermarks for fraud protection, or highlight customer savings. Studies show that customized POS receipts build sales, encourage customer loyalty and improve coupon redemption.

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CognitiveTPG offers a lightweight, 3 inch mobile printer to streamline your retail operations, using wireless 802.11 b/g to print high quality labels or receipts on-demand.

Product Features

  • Rugged design
  • Strong battery life
  • Supports multiple emulations

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Mobile Receipts and Labels
Print line-busting receipts or shelf labels

Shipping and Receiving
Our desktop label printers are ideal for ideal for inter-store transfers and shipping and receiving applications

Receipt printing
Every retailer can improve the customer experience by reducing check out times. The A798II and A799II printers are ideal for high volume of credit card transactions and secondary proof of purchase receipts.

Track and manage perishables more effectively, ensure shelf price integrity and country of origin status

Return to Vendor
Label return merchandise and ensure that items are removed from the available stock and held in a review area while the terms for return are negotiated with the vendor

Electronic check processing at point-of-purchase
Integrated check validation at the point of sale using the A760 or A776 hybrid printers with built in MICR readers

Product Identification and Tagging
The C Series printers allow you to adjust the label and tag sensor to accommodate numerous types of difficult to print on media such as small retail hang tags or jewelry labels.


Examples of Retail Labels:

  • Shelf tags - require moderate durability, black bars for index sensing and a slit for easy separation. The barcodes must be scannable on the first-pass with a very dark print.
  • Vinyl label stock with removable adhesive for shelf label
  • Retail hang tag
  • Butterfly and rat tail jewelry and small item tags
  • Preprinted barcode and ticket stock
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