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Digital touchscreen technology is popping up everywhere, and the question from a lot of companies is, “How can we swipe a piece of the interactive pie?” The flexibility available through hardware and software means customization is not only a possibility, but a preference. Providing solutions unique to a company’s offering or communications opens up the opportunity to intelligently integrate tech. Touchscreens provide the ability to empower...

Digital Signage Expo 2019 gave us the opportunity to sit down with advisory board members, content experts, strategists and other industry voices to get the lay of the digital signage landscape from a myriad of perspectives. In particular, we wanted to know what should be top of mind for hungry beginners itching to get their feet wet in our growing space.

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Many brands have started taking advantage of the benefits offered by the Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising sector. And that list of benefits is quite long: Higher levels of trust in the Millennial and Generation Z markets, high rates of post-exposure online activation, and the simple fact that they can’t be turned off, to name just a few. Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) combines those benefits with a host of its own. DOOH is a booming sector, ripe with...

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