Hybrid SaaS and In-A-Box Solutions = One Great Package

BlueStar’s Solutions as a Service

We know that SaaS models can be complicated to implement as it traditionally requires a change in business model. That is why BlueStar has teamed up with select financial partners to create a way for our VAR partners to start the transition to offer SaaS-based solutions to end users.   This new hybrid solution will allow resellers to obtain upfront payment, along with monthly residuals, allowing VARs to maintain their current business model. Not only will this ensure that resellers earn higher margin on the initial hardware sales, but will also increase sales due to additional business opportunities.

• Solve Sales Comp Plan issues
• Strengthen cash flow
• Offer Competitive Pricing
• Receive High Margins
• Shorten Sales Cycle
• Sell OpEx NOT CapEx
• Guarantee Future Solution Refresh   
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Value Proposition Sales Benefits
  • Help boost orders and margins
  • Receive full revenue at time of sale
  • Higher margin
  • Quick decision process
  • Upon Approval, financial company assumes Risk
  • Increase value of the sales by improving services attach
  • Increase customer acquisition & retention
  • Monthly Subscription w\ $0 down
  • Device/System refresh comes at year 3 instead of year 5 or 6
  • Simplify subscription cycle with BlueStar Hybrid SaaS

Jason R. Firment

Director of Point of Sale
Phone: 800-354-9776 ext. 4230
Email: jfirment@bluestarinc.com