TEConnect Tour

TEConnect is unlike any other event featuring a “deep dive” learn in a compressed time. In just a few hours, you will get actionable intelligence on how to grow your business through a network of resellers. It’s not just theoretical; our event is packed with leaders who have the knowledge and real-world experience in expanding their business effectively.

This is a free event for you and your team! Why? BlueStar and Software Executive magazine know that the best solutions are a collaboration of hardware, software and services. This ecosystem needs software to thrive, presenting you with untapped opportunities. Spend the morning with us so you can:

  • Learn from industry experts on how to grow with a reseller network
  • Get advice on how to navigate a reseller channel
  • Expand your sales effort
  • Connect with hardware manufacturers for sales and marketing support

Stay into the afternoon for the TEConnect Tour, a reseller attended networking and educational event hosted by BlueStar! You’ll be able to:

  • Network with resellers
  • Build mindshare
  • Gather success stories

Get into this ecosystem and Register Now for an event nearest you!

Upcoming Event Locations:

Chicago - June 17th

Philadelphia - July 15th
Atlanta - July 22nd
Chicago - October 13th
Denver - October 20th
San Diego - November 4th
Seattle - TBD

Dean Reverman

Global Marketing Manager
Phone: 859-371-4423 Ext. 3273
Email: dreverman@bluestarinc.com