Here at BlueStar, we understand the struggles that VARS have in producing product information to present to your customers. Being able to put the right products in front of the right customer at the right time is crucial in closing new business.  Catalog-on-Demand® is our new service giving you access to create your own catalogs in minutes!  You have the ability to create unique catalogs by vertical and technology with the SKU’s that you sell and support.  Choose from BlueStar’s top selling SKU’s from over 150 different hardware and software partners.

How to Create a Catalog [VIDEO]

As a valued BlueStar partner you will also have the ability to create custom catalog templates designed around your business. These templates could include custom covers and inserts about your company's core competencies and proprietary software/solution offerings.  

This new service is only available through VARCOM at BlueStar; call us today to get more information.

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