2 Apr 2020

Warranty Program Update

Printronix Auto ID is announcing an upgrade to its worldwide printer warranty program. As of April 1, 2020 all current printers are now offered with a two-year warranty, doubling the previous warranty period. In line with this change, all return-to-depot service pricing has been reduced to reflect the increased warranty period.

The printhead warranty period is increased from 6 months to 12 months, or one million inches, whichever comes first. The previous two million inches warranty for thermal transfer printing is no longer offered. However, there have been no changes in the printheads and so similar lifecycles can be expected. 
“These updates reflect confidence in our product design and manufacturing quality, and stand alongside our high performance and rich integration features to provide compelling value for our enterprise customers,” said Andy Edwards, Director of Product Management. 
Product Warranty Period
M4L2, T800, T4000, T6000e, T8000 24 months (printers shipped on or after April 1, 2020) M4L2, T800, T4000, T6000e, T8000 12 months (printers shipped before April 1, 2020) T400, T600, T2N, T6000 12 months PrintCart 12 months Printheads* 12 months or 1 million inches, whichever comes first Platen Rollers 12 months or 2 million inches, whichever comes first Cutter* 12 months or 500,000 cuts, whichever comes first Peeler* 12 months or 2 million inches, whichever comes first Rewinder* 12 months or 12 million inches, whichever comes first RFID* 12 months WiFi, Bluetooth, Parallel, GPIO* 12 months ODV-1D & ODV-2D* 12 months SV100/SV200 Verifiers 12 months Batteries* 12 months Spare Parts** 3 months            *    Shipped with printer, and replacement units            ** As listed in spare parts price list. Includes spare parts used in post warranty repairs
For warranty program details, please visit our website at the link below. 
https://printronixautoid.com/support/warranty-information/ For the warranty program for China, please contact your local China Printronix Auto ID representative.