26 Dec 2018

Thermal Validation Printers in Banking

We explore the necessities of modern printers in banking...from check validation to advertising on receipts

While mobile banking has taken the financial world by storm, there are still many customers, and many situations, that require an in-person visit with a teller or bank associate. Check cashing, money orders, cashier's checks, basic deposits and withdrawals...all require some sort of printing and/or a receipt. While printers in banking may seem like a minor consideration alongside security, convenience and the computer power necessary to operate a modern bank, investing in quality, fast printers can save a lot of time and money.

The thermal vs. ink debate isn't what it used to be as most businesses embrace thermal but it never hurts to reiterate. Thermal printing is almost always faster and smoother, allowing for receipts that will not smudge, are more durable and allow for easy additions of logos or marketing messages. While thermal paper may be more expensive, the savings over time compared to replacement ink cartridges is clear.

For tellers in particular, a printer may need to be multi-use, with not only receipt capabilities, but also check validation and impact slip printing. An accurate MICR reader with multiple sensors can make a big difference and speed up validation. Many of these printers are also popular in retail, where check payments are still common and many businesses need a printer with more than simple receipt capabilities.

In banking, space may be a commodity at a walk-up or drive-through teller station, so having one printer that can fulfill multiple jobs with a small footprint is ideal. For banks upgrading from older hardware, legacy integration is vital for IT professionals looking to make a quick transition with minimal disruption. Replacement printers should offer emulations that allow for just that.

Of course, CognitiveTPG is your vendor of choice for just such printers that meet these requirements and then some. Check out the link below for popular models and more information.