3 Feb 2020

The New Card Lamination Module

Location: United States

The Card Lamination Module option is now available on Avansia printers and will be promoted during this month of January.

Target market & product positioning

The main objectives of lamination on Avansia are to strengthen the offer and sustainability of Evolis in the retransfer printer market and to propose a complete offer to answer calls for tenders and security requests from our customers.

The double purpose of lamination

  • An additional layer of protection increases card life cycle (up to 10 years) 
  • Decreases the cost of renewing   
  • An additional layer of protection helps to fight forgery
  • Holographic films prevent fraud and secure documents

Meeting several markets & applications Avansia Lamination will be used for applications requiring high levels of security, prevalent in several fields:

  • Government: Military & Police ID ; Health cards ; Driver Licenses, etc.
  • Education: Student cards, staff access control
  • Corporate & Others: Employee badges, Secure Credentials (Airports..), Service Bureau

Ask for your free demo pack!


  • 1 specific sample cards leaflet
  • 1 UV Lamp
  • 1 magnifying glass Please indicate in your order form the following code: MK00059
  • PS: offer limited to 1 Demo Pack per partner and subject to the purchase of a Card Lamination Module for Avansia

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