19 Jun 2019

The Benefits of a Good mPOS System

Gone are the days when consumers would merely walk up to a cash register to pay for goods or services. Today, many businesses are using mPOS (mobile point of sale) systems as a better means of tracking their inventory, providing faster and more efficient service to customers, and simplifying the entire buying process for staff and customers. But, it's important to pick the right system for your business.

Support for Commonly Used OS and Mobile Devices - For customer accessibility, it is imperative to be compatible with the majority of your customers’ mobile devices. Their use of your POS system should run smoothly, inviting them for recurring visits to your establishment with the use of their own popular devices and operating systems (i.e. Apple, Samsung, Windows).

Efficiency and Accuracy – Customers demand answers, quick service and response. A well-rounded POS system should equip employees with the proper tools to speed their services and maintain happy customers. 

Additional Training and Support for Staff - POS users need to be well-versed in the system. If staff cannot understand the system, then they cannot help run the service. Customers can get impatient and look for business elsewhere. A good POS provider should be able to provide training and support all users in case of any trouble shooting or new users with the system. 

Accurate and Timely Updates on Inventory and Stock Levels - Both online and brick-and-mortar stores’ stocking of goods should be easily accessible and viewed.

Inventory Accessibility to Staff – When staff are servicing customers, having access to check the availability of goods helps keep customers satisfied while they wait for backorders or shipments from a warehouse. Customers can get easily annoyed with staff who have no idea whether item(s) are in stock or when said items will be available for purchase. 

Analytics - Tracking popular products and stats from sales gives valuable insight to see whether more or less of particular products should be ordered, or what the current and changing trends are for new and old products. 

Marketing Campaigns – With all of the data collected from your POS system, that information can be used to improve business with new campaigns to promote particular services, products, sales, etc.

Flexibility in Growing with a Business’ Growing Needs - Customers’ needs and desires change, which means so do products and services. If a business wants to thrive, it also needs to change with the times by remaining flexible, adding or altering services/products.

Accept Payments from Any or Most Popular Payment Methods – Compatibility with your customers is key to sealing a deal. A customer may be in-love with your product or service, but a sale can easily fall through if the payment method is uncooperative or just plain doesn’t work. 

Email Receipts to Customers – Our modern age allows for many conveniences, including ditching receipts that fill filing cabinets, overstuff wallets or are easily lost. Be sure your POS system offers the simplest of conveniences from a sale – an emailed receipt. 

With so many options out there, there are many important points to remember that a good POS system will provide. Keep in mind, when your business runs smoothly and you're happy, your customers are happier, too. 

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