6 May 2019

T8000 Printheads


We are consolidating the T8000 printhead field kits into one offering, thereby eliminating the standard-duty and heavy-duty choices. All printheads will have the more durable coating which was previously only included with the heavy-duty heads – and with no price increase! The

Part Number Description 258704-001 FIELD KIT,PRNTHD ASSY,T8204 (Plastic Head Covers) 258704-002 FIELD KIT,PRNTHD ASSY,T8304 (Plastic Head Covers) 258707-001 FIELD KIT,PRNTHD ASSY,T8204 (Metal Head Covers) 258707-002 FIELD KIT,PRNTHD ASSY,T8304 (Metal Head Covers) 258705-001 FIELD KIT,PRNTHD ASSY,T8206  258705-002 FIELD KIT,PRNTHD ASSY,T8306  258706-001 FIELD KIT,PRNTHD ASSY,T8208  258706-002 FIELD KIT,PRNTHD ASSY,T8308 
FAQ’s What is the benefit of the more durable coating? There are four primary print head failure modes: (1) Exceeding the print head pulse life due to print volume, (2) Excessive heat applied to the print head, (3) Physical wear due to abrasion from the labels. (4) Damage from airborne particulates. The durable coating provides around 50% better abrasion head life and can also mitigate premature printhead failures for printers located in dusty environments. 
What is the difference between the plastic and metal head covers? The head cover is the bracket that protects the printhead electronics from the labels as they pass through the print station. 
For the four-inch printer, the plastic cover version provides a durable option for nearly every application. In some extreme applications, the customers’ label may have a propensity to detach from the liner and attach to the head cover as it passes through the print station. This can cause significant stress on the head cover and may cause the plastic version to snap. The metal version provides a more durable option for these situations. Note that for the six-inch and eight-inch printers, only metal printhead covers are offered.
I see the part numbers are still based on the standard duty printheads. Have the printheads with more durable coating already phased into these kits?  Yes, we started updating the standard duty field kits with the more durable coating printhead several months ago and the transition for all printheads is now complete.