8 Feb 2019

Socket Mobile Announces SocketScan® S500 Token Exchange

Socket Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT), a leading innovator of data capture and delivery solutions for enhanced productivity, today announced the expansion of their contactless product line with the S500 Token Exchange. It facilitates tap-and-go, NFC user experiences that are popular with mobile wallets and consumer engagements, applicable for payment applications, contactless passes, identifications, ticketing, and more.

The S500 captures a cryptographically generated payload “token” from NFC-enabled devices (i.e. phone, smart watch, payment card or fob) with a high level of trust, and then passes this payload over Bluetooth to a tablet or PC that is running a connected application. The RF Front End can read anything HF (13.56 MHz) – from an RFID button to a Java Smart Card.

Coupled with Socket Mobile’s Capture SDK, application development becomes smooth, fast and frictionless. Be it iOS, Android, or Windows, we support a wide range of modern platforms, as well as popular development environments for ultimate control over your S500 Token Exchange solution.

Contact Socket Mobile at NFC@socketmoble.com or (800) 856-9387 to get involved in early beta testing. Learn more about the S500 Token Exchange with our preliminary data sheet

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