18 Nov 2019


SATO America, a leading provider of barcode and RFID application solutions has launched the WS2 direct thermal desktop printer. Setting the new standard in 2-inch printing, the space-saving, hygienic WS2 is the industry’s first disinfectant-ready label printer with antimicrobial casing and can accommodate a wide array of media types to meet a multitude of print-on-demand needs with a focus on healthcar

The WS2 is compact, convenient and compliant. Its compact profile – up to 25% smaller than competitive models, affords the convenience of use across various locations within a workspace or across an enterprise network. It can be used virtually anywhere throughout the hospital, from patient bedside to the administrator’s desk. The antimicrobial casing of SATO’s WS2 delivers a sanitary focused print solution for the healthcare industry to print patient ID wristbands, drug administration orders, and inpatient orders, and inpatient labels to help avoid medical incidents like mistaken dosages.

Features include an adjustable print width for media between 0.47” to 2.36”, 203 or 300 dpi resolutions, and print speeds up to 7 inches per second, making the printer 43% faster than many of today’s equivalent products. The user-friendly WS2 offers one-touch media loading and simple single-button operation. The antimicrobial plastic casing is tough enough to endure the stringent cleaning methods found typically deployed in sterile environments.

“The new WS2 product line from SATO is ideal for hospitals and life science applications. It is a significant and solid step forward for healthcare as it addresses the needs of patient identification wristbands as well as labeling throughout the hospital environment. With its disinfectant-ready and antimicrobial body it is also ideal for hygienic workplaces which require frequent wash downs such as food preparation and freshness management,” said Mia Massi, Marketing Manager of SATO America.

SATO is known worldwide for its relentless focus to customer-centric product development. SATO polled customers and determined that many required a durable, high-speed, feature-rich and economical desktop 2” thermal barcode printer, which was the driving force behind the development of SATO’s WS2 thermal barcode printer.

The WS2 is easily integrated into existing HIS/EMR hospital systems and is a fully Cerner Validated peripheral for native use within the Cerner health IT system to ensure safety, quality and efficacy for patients.

For more information on WS2, please visit www.satoamerica.com/WS2