1 Feb 2019

Samsung unveils MicroLED tech

Samsung Electronics Co. recently unveiled several of its modular MicroLED solutions, including a 75-inch display, a 219-inch display and other sizes, according to a press release.

Customers can customize these modular displays by adding Micro LED modules to expand the display. They can also create irregular sizes such as nine-by-three, one-by-seven or five-by-one screen sizes. Other features include:

  • Supports 16:9 and 21:9 widescreen.
  • Supports unusual aspect rations such as 32:9 or 1:1
  • Bezel free Micro LEDs.
  • 4K content.

"For decades, Samsung has led the way in next-generation display innovation," Jonghee Han, president of visual display business at Samsung Electronics, said in the release. "Our Micro LED technology is at the forefront of the next screen revolution with intelligent, customizable displays that excel in every performance category. Samsung Micro LED has no boundaries, only endless possibilities."

CREDIT: Digital Signage Today